Welcome to Pat O'Day Real Estate at Windermere of San Juan Island located in sunny Friday Harbor

What Our Clients Are Saying

Since 2008 we've gained the trust of 10,000+ customers, so you know we're pretty awesome.

  • Pat was very helpful, he found us the perfect San Juan Island home.
    -Paul T.

    Very Helpful
  • Pat O’Day is above reproach.  When it comes to discovering and working with an individual, Windermere is a great organization as we all know. But the greatest reward of working with them in Friday Harbor is that you get the greatest benefit that other companies can’t give to you. Pat O’Day.

    -Darrell Irvin

    Pat O’Day Above Reproach
  • Anything Pat O’Day is part of is worthy of praise! I trust this man. It is good to see him in Real Estate.

    -Aury Moore

    I Trust Pat O’Day
  • Pat is the most visionary real estate person I have ever known. He has the ability to see the positives of every property, as well as the future possibilities.
    -Bob Crosetto

    A Visionary